Azul Hermosa fucking Scott Nails

Azul Hermosa and Scott Nails Movie: Diva For A Day

Azul Hermosa walks into Diva For A Day, a unique boutique specializing in turning you into a fabulous , drop dead gorgeous diva. Azul is greeted by a store employee, who quickly shows her what they have to offer, until its owner, Scott Nails, walks in and is blown away by the gorgeous woman that stands before him. Scott sends away his employee and treats Azul to the full treatment. Azul is equally smitten by the suave owner, and when Scott’s touch becomes too much for either of them to handle, they both unleash their attraction in the form of an unforgettable fucking!

Movie: Diva For A Day by BRAZZERS

Pornstars: Azul Hermosa, Scott Nails


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