Black Playmate Kaylia Cassandra: Statuesque

A health-and-fitness goddess, our Miss June can more often than not be found at the gym, working to tighten and tone the body you see here on display. With a figure like hers, she could have everyone green with envy, but she insists that isn’t her M.O. “I like working out, but I don’t love it,” admits Kaylia. “Do I look and feel better when I work out? Yes! Ladies, embrace your body!” Though she puts a lot of time and effort into her physical form, Kaylia’s unpretentious personality always shines through, and doesn’t plan to let her Playmate-hood go to her head. She’s humble, and she’ll stay that way despite her success. “I’m very grateful for this opportunity,” she says. “Everyone keeps telling me that once my issue comes out, my life is going to change, but I think I’ll always be me. To my photographer, to everyone who glammed me up and dealt with me—I know it wasn’t always easy, but I couldn’t have done this without you!” Fall for Playmate Kaylia Cassandra, right here on Playboy Plus.