Khloe Terae

Blonde Goddess Khloe Terae: Bohemian Babe

Khloe Terae is your Cybergirl of the Year 2015, and she goes bohemian in this set from photographer Holly Randall. In little more than a lace top and short shorts, Khloe greets the day in La Paz, Mexico. “This look was really fun,” she says. “We woke up at 4:00 in the morning and caught the sunrise…it was the most beautiful natural light. I felt like Cleopatra!” As the sun came up, Khloe’s clothes came off—without hesitation, she stripped down and put herself on full display. We’ve got to hand it to our CGOY—who else could look this hot right after getting out of bed? “You’ll notice some extra ‘open leg’ shots near the end,” says Khloe, without a trace of inhibition. “By the book, at the end of every shoot, Holly said, ‘Okay, Khloe, time to get some open leg!’ She reads all the comments and we tried to give you guys exactly what you want.” ‘Want’ isn’t a strong enough word to describe our desire for Khlo? Terae, our fearless Cybergirl of the Year.
Scene: Bohemian Babe | released: May 1, 2015
Model: Khloe Terae