Blonde Playmate Dani Mathers: Striptease In The Diner

If you’ve still got the winter blahs, then we’ve got a treat for you—a nice, big dose of our Playmate of the Year 2015, Dani Mathers. With her blonde hair, brown eyes and sunny disposition, Dani’s a vital resource for Playboy—more than a pretty face and a hot body, she’s a quick wit and sharp thinker, able to step into any role with ease. Now that’s what we call a PMOY. “I can talk my way out of a paper bag, but when I won Playmate of the Year, I didn’t know what to say,” admits Dani. “I couldn’t sleep the night before the ceremony. It felt like the first day of school!” Ever the professional, Dani stepped up to the plate—rather, the podium—and delivered her speech to rounds of applause, not to mention couple of wolf-whistles. “I’m small, but I pack a punch,” says Dani. “I’m honest, kind and a really hard worker. I’m gonna be the best Playmate of the Year there ever has been!” If you’re still on the fence, consider this: On the set of Dani’s shoot, there was rain and flooding, followed by a beautiful double rainbow. If that’s not fate, we don’t know what is. “I’m gonna call that good luck,” says Dani, with a wink and her trademark smile. You’re in luck with Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers, right here on Playboy Plus.