Brunette Playmate Maggie May

Brunette Playmate Maggie May: Behind the Scenes

Brown-haired, brown-eyed Maggie is as lean and leggy as they come, and seen here in little more than a pair of Ray-Bans, she’s a total stunner. “We shot this set in a vintage Chris-Craft,” she says. “A really beautiful, classic, streamlined boat. It was like a hundred degrees that day, so it was hard, but I did it!” And how. “I was wearing a rope as a bra and underwear,” she says, giggling. “I’m a little afraid that my grandparents will see the pictures. Other than that, my life isn’t really going to change. As a Playmate, I get to go to the Mansion – that’s cool!” Cool off with the searing hot Maggie May, right here on Playboy Plus.