Tali Dova

Brunette Teen Babe Tali Dova: Still Growing

If Tali looks like a nice girl, it’s because she really is one. This Michigan-born cutie (who now lives in Florida) likes to play video games and is able to crochet a hat in four hours. When it comes to dating, she just wants to have a nice time with a guy she cares about. Her favorite job was working at a day care. But just because a girl is nice doesn’t mean she can’t like cock, too. “I like to have rough sex. Being pounded doggie-style is my fave.” Tali’s boobs just popped up this year. “I know my boobs aren’t really big or anything, but I was totally flat until I was 18. Then out of nowhere they started to grow, and they’re still growing. I hope they don’t get too much bigger because guys are starting to notice, and well, I get kind of embarrassed by the attention. It’s like, I like it. But guys never paid attention to me before so it makes me all shy.
Movie: Still Growing | released: December 5, 2014
Pornstars: Tali Dova