Brittany Brousseau

Hot Centerfold Brittany Brousseau: Indulgent

Brittany Brousseau is glorious in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. Draped in a silver fox fur, our sexy Miss May stops to smell the roses—being a Playmate has its perks, and Britt wants to milk it for all it’s worth. “I enjoy everything from beer, ball and burgers to private jets and fine dining,” she says. “Growing up on a farm, I couldn’t wait to get out. I’m really more of a city girl—I like the bigger, better things in life.” Among the better things in life is Miss Brousseau herself—from her tousled brown h air to her long, slender legs, she is, in a word, an indulgence. “In a man, I look for someone who makes up the rules as he goes,” she says. “He should be a good conversationalist—I’m not a mind-reader. I like someone who says what he thinks.” Think long and hard on gorgeous Playmate Brittany Brousseau, right here on Playboy Plus.



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