Brunette Playmate Maggie May

Leggy Brunette Playmate Maggie May: Chilling

In a swimsuit or in her birthday suit, Maggie is the picture-perfect girl of summer – and it may go without saying, but we prefer the birthday suit. “Josh is a professional,” she says. “Even in front of his assistants, I felt comfortable being naked.” Her confidence in front of the camera really shows – spread out on her beach chair, those long legs dangling off the arm, Maggie is cool, calm and a natural Playmate. “The boat shots were some of the last shots we took,” she says. “I had to lift myself up out of the water onto the bow of the boat. I can’t even do a pull-up, but it went well – I look like a mermaid!” With a face and body like hers, our Miss August could lead even the most devoted sailor astray – anchors away with Maggie May, right here on Playboy Plus.