Moriah Mills fucking Keiran Lee

Moriah Mills and Keiran Lee Movie: Moriah Fucks Her Muse

Romance writer Moriah Mills has hit a creative roadblock. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to make progress on her latest novel. While she can’t be totally sure, she has a feeling that her non-existent sex life is to blame. Her husband hasn’t fucked her in months, and masturbation just isn’t doing the trick. How is she supposed to get her readers off if she can’t even do it herself? When door-to-door canvasser Keiran Lee shows up at Moriah’s door, she’s absolutely shocked. He fits the exact description of her book’s main character! Moriah Mills is convinced that fucking Keiran Lee may be the secret to pushing through her writer’s bloc. Will she be able to seduce her muse and save her career?

Movie: Moriah Fucks Her Muse by BRAZZERS

Pornstars: Moriah Mills, Keiran Lee


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