Chelsie Aryn

Orient Sexbomb Chelsie Aryn: Radiant

Playmate Chelsie Aryn in a cowgirl hat and boots, our Miss March is right at home on the range, but her favorite look of all is her very own birthday suit. “We shot these photos at sunset,” says Chelsie. “I felt like a Western gangster. And though I was all the way across the country, I felt super at home too, because I wear cowboy boots all the time in real life. Everyone was amazed by these shots!” So amazed that they’re included in Chelsie’s spread in Playboy magazine—these are far and away some of the hottest photos of our latest Playmate. “I’m the badass naked sexy cowgirl,” says Chelsie happily. “That’s what we’re goin’ for. If you’ve got a problem, then you’re talkin’ to my gun!” Shoot for the moon with Playmate Chelsie Aryn, right here on Playboy Plus.


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