Playboy’s CGOM for May Reyna Arriaga: Garden Nymph

Cybergirl Reyna Arriaga is in full bloom in this set from photographer Holly Randall. A petite Latina from southern California, Reyna’s no stranger to sunny weather and short shorts. This shoot, set in a lush garden on a beautiful day, was right up her alley. “I’ve always been very outgoing,” she says. “In high school, I was the emcee at all the pep rallies, and I love to be loud and have fun. That’s what makes me the person I am!” Slipping out of her top and shorts, Reyna stretches out on a lounge chair, all the better to soak up the sun’s rays—and to show a little skin, of course. She did say that she was outgoing. “I’m comfortable with my body,” she says, confident. “Playboy models are gorgeous, and I want to be looked at that way!” No problem there, Miss Arriaga.
Scene: Garden Nymph | released: February 25, 2015



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