Playboy's Miss October Ana Cheri Garcia

Playboy’s Miss October Ana Cheri Garcia: Passion Play

No, you don’t need your eyes checked—brown-haired, brown-eyed Ana is a knockout in lingerie, so hot that she could make you go cross-eyed. She’s a confident woman who knows exactly how smart and sexy she is, and she’s rightfully very selective when it comes to men. “Put in a little extra effort for me,” she advises. “A spritz of cologne never goes unnoticed. My turn-offs are bad manners in general. I will leave the table if you chew with your mouth open. Also, bragging about your sex life is tacky.” Whoever she chooses, we’d say he automatically becomes the luckiest guy on Earth—there isn’t a more beautiful, more kind and more motivated girl around than our Miss October 2015. Fall head over heels for the luscious Ana Cheri, right here on Playboy Plus.
Scene: Passion Play | released: September 26, 2015
Model: Ana Cheri Garcia