Monica Sims

Playboy’s Miss Sepmetmber 2015 Monica Sims: Sublime

Playmate Monica Sims is sublime in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. For some, September means change—going back to school or work, getting ready for cooler weather—but for Monica Sims, things are just heating up. Seen here in little more than her own skin, tanning and swimming in the pool, our Miss September is looking totally at ease. “When I go tanning, it’s more of a meditative thing,” says Monica. “The second I hit the sand, I close my eyes and just relax. It’s total bliss.” In the privacy of her own home—or the pages of Playboy magazine—Monica prefers to tan in the nude. “It’s legal to go topless in Miami, but here in California, the rules are very strict,” she laments. “Sorry, fellow beachgoers—I’ll just have to wear a bikini!” When it comes to nudity, we’re a little more open to interpretation—bend the rules with Playmate Monica Sims, right here on Playboy Plus.
Scene: Sublime | released: August 29, 2015
Model: Monica Sims at The SexBomb