Playboy's Playmate Chelsie Aryn

Playboy’s Playmate Chelsie Aryn: Dazzling Babe

Armed with her trusty ’68 Cadillac, Chelsie Aryn is more than ready to take on the desert—and treated to another searing-hot pictorial, we’re ready to take on another work week. Our Miss March is as lush and refreshing than an oasis. “I have four tattoos,” says Chelsie proudly. “One on my hip, one on my foot, one behind my ear, and one on the back of my neck.” Each one has a personal meaning, but the one on her hip is very special to Chelsie. “Originally, I was going to get a Playboy bunny, but my mom convinced me not to do it, telling me it wouldn’t mean anything in thirty years,” she says ruefully. “When Playboy called, I was like, ‘See?’” Now that she’s a Playmate, Chelsie plans to get that Bunny tattoo, and she’s on the lookout for a similarly tatted-up partner in crime. “I love guys who are covered in tattoos,” she admits. “I don’t know what it is, but when I see a guy with tattoos, I’m like, Oh, yeah! I love a little stubble, too.” Like a tattoo, the image of Miss March is burned indelibly into our brains, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
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