Blonde Teen Babe Rachel James

Blonde Teen Babe Rachel James: Flattie Flasher

Rachel likes to sit with her legs open. She knows the guys in class can’t resist a blonde in a tartan skirt, so she parts her knees to tempt whoever is bold enough to look. By the end of class, her sensible cotton panties are soaked and clinging to her cleft. So it turns you on to let guys get a peek at your panties? “It turns me on so much that I can feel the juice oozing out of my pussy. After class I have to run to the bathroom and shove my fingers in my cunny because I’m so worked up. When that happens I usually cum right away, and more juice oozes out into my palm. I like to lick it off. So yeah, you could say flashing guys turns me on.” Do you ever stick your fingers in your butt? “Yes. When I’m really wet I’ll just use the juice from my pussy as lube to stick my fingers in my ass. I haven’t done anal yet but I can definitely see myself trying it one day. The butthole is an orifice of pleasure, after all.”.
Movie: Flattie Flasher | released: December 14, 2015
Pornstars: Rachel James