Brunette Porn Star Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith and Mick Blue: Sexy Personal Assistant Loves Anal

Janice is a personal assistant for a successful film director, Mick. She has fantasized about him for so long and satisfies his every need on a professional level. When her boss splits with his girlfriend he becomes a tad depressed and Janice decides to cheer him up. She knows exactly how to make him feel better. She strips to show some beautiful black lingerie, and he finds himself unable to resist. A lot of sexual tension built between them and you can tell by the way they hold on to each-other and the intensity in the room. When Mick notices that Janice is wearing a butt plug it turns him on even more and leads these two into a passionate anal sex adventure.
Movie: Sexy Personal Assistant Loves Anal | released: December 28, 2015 | Runtime: 34:05
Pornstars: Janice Griffith, Mick Blue