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Hot Teen Melody Wylde: Flattie Schoolgirl

Melody, what kind of student are you? “I’m kind of an awkward nerd. I’m in advanced classes, and I take part in speech and debate, swimming, poetry, photography and other things. I’m the cute AP girl who says smart remarks that make the other kids laugh, but when I step out of class I get extremely timid. But I also have a naughty side. I masturbate all the time, sometimes up to five times a day! I’m also very interested in exploring my sexuality and trying new kinky things. I just need to find the right guy to try them with.” What satisfies you the most sexually? “A lot of clitoral stimulation during penetration and good foreplay is a must for me to be sexually satisfied. I love any position where I can be as close as possible to my partner. I like to be kissed and held tightly while his cock is deep inside me.” He also needs to last for more than 10 minutes. I need a guy who can go the distance. When I lost my virginity it didn’t last long.
Movie: Flattie Schoolgirl | released: June 27, 2017
Pornstars: Melody Wylde



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