Bunnie Hughes

Teen Babe Bunnie Hughes: A Tease Who Delivers

“I love to tease and give subtle hints until the other person can’t take it anymore and makes a move. It’s my way of passively getting what I want, and it’s a fun little game to play. For example, I might not wear a bra and lean over a guy so that my hard nipple grazes his shoulder or arm. Or I might flash him a glimpse of my panties. Or I’ll say playful things that have a double meaning. It’s kind of like foreplay. But even though I’m a tease, I always deliver. I’ll never leave a guy with blue balls. If I’m teasing, it’s because I want to fuck too. And usually by the time my panties come off my pussy is already wet and ready for action.” .
Movie: A Tease Who Delivers | released: June 20, 2017
Pornstars: Bunnie Hughes



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